Ana Sayfa Bilim Yıldızlar Dünya’ya Benzer Gezeden Keşfedildi

Dünya’ya Benzer Gezeden Keşfedildi

24 ağustos günü Avrupa uzay keşif aracı dünyaya benzer bir gezegen keşfetti.

As exciting as this potential discovery is, “Earth-like” carries a lot of caveats. The term is often bandied around to describe an exoplanet, of approximately Earth dimensions orbiting within a given star’s habitable zone. The habitable zone is the distance from a star where it’s not too hot and not too cold for water on a hypothetical rocky world to remain in a liquid state. On Earth, where there’s liquid water, there’s life, so finding an alien world in any star’s habitable zone is exciting for the possibilities of extraterrestrial biology.

But there’s a lot more to Earth than simply being in the right place around the sun that makes it habitable. Earth is also rocky, has a thick atmosphere, has a protective magnetosphere etc., all ingredients for a bona fide life-giving world. The only planet we know that is Earth-like is Earth.

Should there really be a world that approximates Earth mass/size at a distance that could allow water to exist in a liquid state on its hypothetically rocky surface, that’s all we’ll know. We won’t know whether it has an atmosphere or a magnetosphere. We won’t know if it possesses water.

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