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Maple Properties and Information About Syrup

There are about 10 species naturally in Turkey. Some are grown as ornamental plants brought from abroad. The most important Turks in our country;

  • Acer platanoides L. (Sycamore Leaf Maple)
  • Acer monspessulanum L. (French Maple)
  • Acer campestre L. (Lowland Maple)
  • Acer tataricum L. ( Tatar Maple)

Mostly deciduous trees in winter, some in the form of shrubs. woody are plants. whose name is heavy, white and hard lumberjack maple tree trunks at a young age neat and smooth, They have shells that later disintegrated into deeply fissured plates. Since they store starch as a spare material in the autumn, there are some species that produce milk when they are cut off from the shoot tips.

Maple Photos

Leaf Coloration

Its leaves, which take on a different color every season, stunning flowers and berries It has a special importance as a park garden tree.

There are more than 100 species, subspecies, varieties and forms because they can easily hybridize with each other.

Uses & Maple Syrup

It is one of the wood species sought in veneer production. Eyelet shaped veiny coats are highly sought after with their wavy, mottled, veiny appearance. Moreover It is used to make hardwood, toys, plywood, tool handles, musical instruments and reels.

To produce maple syrup mainly three maple species are used: sugar maple (Acer saccharum), black maple (A. nigrum) and red maple (A. rubrum), due to their high sugar content. roughly 2-5) in the sap of this species.

Making Maple Syrup – Canada 1852 (wikipedia)


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