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Ataturk's 11 Memorable Words About Science and Education

11“No matter how strong a nation's army of soldiers, no matter how glorious its victory, if a nation does not have an army of knowledge, it will be the end of victories on the battlefields. For this reason, it is imperative to have a great, perfect army of knowledge as soon as possible.”


10“For everything in the world, for civilization, for life, for success, the truest guide is science, science.”


9“We will take science and science from wherever it is and put it in the minds of every nation person. There is no registration or condition for science and science.”

8“If one day my words contradict science, choose science.”


7“When we say ignorant, we do not mean those who have not studied in school. The science we mean is knowing the truth. Otherwise, the greatest ignorant people can emerge from those who have read, and real scholars who see the truth can emerge from those who have never read."


6“A nation that does not paint, a nation that does not sculpt, a nation that does not do what technique requires, must admit that that nation has no place in the path of progress.”

5“Raise the youth. Give them positive ideas of science and wisdom. You will meet the brightness of the future with them.”


4"In a country lacking freedom are death and collapse. The mother of all progress and salvation is freedom.”


3“The national target has been determined. Finding ways to reach it is not difficult. The important thing is to work on those hard roads. It can be said that we do not need anything. We only need one thing badly: to be hardworking. If we examine our societal ills, we cannot discover any other disease that is fundamentally more important than this; this is the disease. So our first job is to treat this disease in a fundamental way. It is to make people hardworking. Wealth and its natural result, well-being and happiness, are the right of the hardworking only.”


2“Working means not getting tired or sweating for nothing. According to the requirements of the time, it is imperative to make maximum use of science, technique and all kinds of civilized inventions.

1“All progress is the work of the human mind. Bringing the idea to action should be our first job. For once, people can control themselves and think, that's enough! Even if he thinks wrong at first, he can fix this mistake in a short time. Once the idea is put into action, everything gradually settles down and gets better. The free movement of the idea is possible only if the individual has the freedom to freely say and write what he thinks and to take all kinds of initiatives according to his decision.



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