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Yılkı Horses of Anatolia

It is a visual feast for those who come across the horses that run recklessly to their freedom by adding dust to the smoke as their manes take off in the wind. The main place where Yılkı horses are seen in Turkey...

Great invention instead of wasting plastic spoons: Edible Spoons

Sustainable living and circular economy instead of linear are important for the future of all humanity and the planet. Daily small but effective steps, although sand in the sea...

Sustainable invention from France: eonef

Although the developments that led to the misconception and generalization that technology is the enemy of nature have been experienced in history, sustainable developments and innovations demonstrate the existence of nature-friendly technology with concrete examples.

Recycling Waste Masks in Australia

  Contributing to Sustainable Life by Recycling Waste Masks from University Students, the rubble ( obtained from recycled masks and used in the construction industry overcomes the wastes caused by Covid-19.

The Importance of Bees

Do you know that only 7 types of nearly 20 thousand bee species are honey bees? The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization's research on bees provides information about them.

Green Movies with the Voice of Nature

When the public spot comes out, there are many people who have the reflex to reach for the remote and change the channel immediately. Since the words said about nature are seen as giving a lesson by waving fingers, it is necessary to touch...

What is Gum Gum (Pistacia Lentiscus)?

Its only flaw is that it burns hands: It is sold in grams, as of spring 2019, its weight is 1700 TL in herbalists! The fact that it is a profitable product has increased its commercial importance. From ancient times...

What You Need to Know About Radiation

How Do We Avoid Radiation? No word spoken in science is immutable. When the hypotheses turn into theory and are confirmed, it becomes what we know to be true.

Does Water Flow and Find Its Way?

Ensuring that city water resources can be used optimally, in a sustainable way, is not only possible through the implementation of agreed measures, but also about the importance of water resources and water use.

Zultanite Stone

The Unique Stone of the World is Only Mined in Milas The ideal expression for this stone, known as the Diaspore stone in mining, is that it is "not found". It is only mined in the Milas district of Muğla in the world.