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Gulfstream (Golfsitrim) Current

The Gulf Stream is a warm current. It originates in the Gulf of Mexico. Scientists attribute the Gulfstream current to the northern Equatorial current caused by trade.
The temperature of sea water in the Gulf of Mexico is around 25 °C. Gulfstream makes its effect felt towards the northeast to the north of the Scandinavian Peninsula.
Gulfstream is effective up to 1000 m depth. Its width is about 80 km. Its temperature on the surface is between 15-25 °C. Its speed is an average of 2 km per hour. The Gulfstream current has a climatic effect on the coasts and seas of Western Europe.

The coasts of the North Sea, Iceland and Scandinavia does not freeze due to its warming effect. Whereas, Labrador Sea, Hudson Bay and Okhotsk Bay, which are at the same latitudes, freeze. Even the Russian port of Murmansk on the Scandinavian coast benefits from the Gulfstream effect.


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