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Mahogany Tree Characteristics and Where It Grows

Homeland of mahogany West India and Central Americais . It also grows in Africa. The warm climate tree is mostly named after the place where it was marketed or the port from which it was sent. For example, Cuban mahogany, Alaska mahogany, Bolivian mahogany. Sometimes it is named according to its structural feature. Sapele mahogany, pyramid mahogany, red or yellow mahogany like.
The navel is a woody tree. Depending on the type, it is sometimes very large, sometimes medium-sized porous. The pores are in a scattered pattern. Self rays are specific. There are different types of mahogany that look striped, spotted, streaked, wavy and shiny. The coating, which is removed from the bottom of the branches, is sold under the name of practical mahogany. Pyramid mahogany bears very vivid grain ornaments. African mahogany, or its type called basket mahogany, displays an interesting structural feature due to its astringent growth, which changes direction. The solid and veneer of this type of mahogany, which makes iridescent, long glittering veins, gives a lively image to the Asia where it is used. The year-ring boundaries are not separated from each other in a certain way.
The outer wood is gray in color. Its interior wood varies between yellow and red brown, depending on the type. Its color at the time of cutting darkens to a certain extent with the effect of air and over time.
It is a tightly structured, less flexible tree. It is processed easily and cleanly. It works less, shrinks less and cracks less. It is abundant. That's why it is one of the best painted trees. It is well varnished. It shows great strength even in changing weather conditions. It connects with nails, screws and glue, and the quality of installation is good. It is not easily destroyed by insects and microorganisms. It gives successful results in carving and turning.
WEIGHT:The specific gravity of air dried mahogany is approximately 0.50-0.60 gr/cm3.
USAGE:It is a tree with superior qualities that can be used for many different purposes. In the construction of joinery, parquet and stairs in the interior and exterior parts of the buildings. It has a great use in shipping, musical instruments, turned, carved, inlaid works, as well as solid and covering in all modern and classical furniture.
AVAILABILITY: It is usually brought to Turkey in the form of logs from abroad. Substantially by coating is sold. Residues that cannot be used in coating production massively is sold. They do not have specific dimensions. logs plank and wood It is sold as cut. Planks and boards are cut to the standard dimensions of hardwood.


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