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children's to your age And development game stages that differ according to the level of searching by examined and different in shapes explained. This from researchers Parten (1932), play boy in the development while examining the social aspect; Piaget (1962) mental development direction has examined.  

– In Parten's Classification of Social Play, play is primitive social from behaviorcollaborator social to behaviors right one development shows (Alqudah 2003).   

parten game 5 in phase hand has received (Parten 1932)

1- Single Per Oyun: Bu dönemin at the beginning The child first starts to deal with his own limbs and when he is a few months old, he starts to deal with the stimulants around him. starts. In this period, the colors, sounds and movements of the objects play the child's play. constitutes. Then other with people social interaction alone, with children's toys per is playing. In children's group activities to your friends does not participate, is not affected by the games of the children around him and acts independently. The most distinctive feature of this period is that there is nothing around the child. from the devil is to continue playing without being affected. But forward ages, for example; 4-5 years old kids are sometimes alone per game return They can do it alone with their toys for a long time without getting bored. on their heads they can play. 

2- Game Tracing: Bu dönemde çocuk diğer çocuklarla her hangi bir relationshipwithout installing, just watching their games or participating in the game behaviours You can ask questions about This game phase only per game from the stage It can be distinguished by the child's interest in the play of others. 

3- Paralel Oyun: Bu dönemde, çocuklar aynı ortamda oynarlar, aynı oyuncakları kullanırlar, fakat birlikte oynamazlar ve birbirlerinden bağımsız olarak oyunlarını sürdürürler. Paralel oyunda da çocukların sosyal interactions wanting a toy, though very little, your thoughts in cases like saying with each other a little interact they can enter. This is game circuit 2 years oldstarts and 3-4 to your age it may take as long. 

4- Birlikte Oyun: Çocuklar bir arada grup Shaped and each other interactionthey are in They can benefit from each other's ideas, game materials buyingexchange they can. Each of the children continues their own game, but they do not play the same game.  

5- Cooperative Game: to cooperation In this game based on is to succeed and the game with this purpose in mind planned. During this period, there is no real social interaction among children. interaction and children have the purpose of the game. to reach about to they are organized. In addition, game materials are also used for this purpose. is shared.  

Piaget (1962)‟e göre oyunun sınıflandırılmasında, çocukların oyunlarını, zihinsel to development 3 in parallel in phase is explained.  

with practice Game (Functional oyun- Duyu / Sensomotor dönem):

0- 2 ageDuring this period, children learn and recognize their bodies and their environment. they are in the phase. During this period, Piaget functional The game, which he defines as a game, is the child's learning and repetition of his body, objects and their functions and turning it into a game. During this period, the child learns to manage the objects around him and his body. Then he plays games by repeating these movements. spoon The child who hears the sound when it hits something, to hear this sound again spoon various to the goods can hit and make sound games by repeating the sounds he makes.  

Sembolik Oyun (Taklit simgesel oyun ): 2- 12 ages In this period, which includes between lived events, kiwisimitating objects and animals starts. The child can pretend to drink water from a container or pretend to be a horse without the actual model in the game. While imitating these events, his events understandingperception differentiatesdevelops and can be completed. Towards the end of this period, the child's play becomes more realistic and to the division of labor more based. 7-8 from their age Afterwards, the fact that the game is played in accordance with the facts causes its rules and objectives to be determined in detail beforehand. 

 Kurallı Oyun: Piaget‟e göre bu oyun shape 12 from your age then concrete transactions from the stage appears later. The child is now more logical, more social in the game and the facts are more clear in his mind. has been finalized. Also egocentrism and fantasy (imagination-image) games decreased and the game has certain rules connected. In this period usually, certain and sometimes complicated kuralları olan oyunlar oynanır. Örneğin; saklambaç, sek sek oyunu veya organize spor oyunları gibi beceri oyunları ve satranç, dama gibi zeka oyunları bu dönemin en popüler oyunları arasındadır. Bu dönemin çocuk oyunları, beceri, zeka ve hepsinden de öte kural bilgisi gerektirmektedir. Bu oyunlara “yapısal oyunlar” da denilir ve oyunun temel kurallarını bilmeyen veya uymayan çocuklar ya cezalandırılır ya da bir daha oyuna kabul edilmezler.

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